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 Trust Declaration Ontario

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THIS DECLARATION OF TRUST made effective as of the ___ day of _______, 20XX between _______________ and _________________,  the Trustees and _________________ and _______________, the Beneficiaries.

WHEREAS the Trustee is the registered owner of __________ created by settler ________________,

AND WHEREAS these assets / investments are to be held by the Trustees as trustees and nominee for the Beneficiaries;

THEREFORE this Declaration of Trust confirms as follows:

1. The Trustee hereby declares that he/she holds the investments and all dividends and interest accrued or to be accrued upon the same in trust for the Beneficiaries,


2. The Trustees covenant and agree that they shall at all times exercise all voting rights in connection with the investments as directed by the Beneficiaries and in accordance with The Ontario Trustee's Act, and otherwise deal with the investments as nominees for the Beneficiaries only.



Sign sealed and delivered this ____ day of ________, 20XX at Burlington, Ontario:









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